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Welcome to the launch of Gold Rush, a quarterly 48-hour event to celebrate and support Asian founders brought to you by Gold House, the largest collective of pioneering Asians dedicated to accelerating the Asian diaspora’s societal impact and cultural legacy.Shop and use code GOLDRUSHVIP for 15% off sitewide. Valid from 11/20 12 PM EST through 11/22 12 PM EST. Browse our Gold Rush curated edit below, or New Arrivals or early access to Fall Private Sale.
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mini Alix tote bag7 790,00 kr
Overlay Coat10 640,00 kr4 295,00 kr
Nadia Soft Heel Boot6 670,00 kr4 028,00 kr
Alexa 25MM Loafer4 760,00 kr
Alexa 70MM Boot5 880,00 kr
Drum Crystal Sandal5 550,00 kr2 259,00 kr
Alexa 40MM Boot5 880,00 kr
Alexa 40MM Boot5 880,00 kr