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The 3.1 Sustainable Edit, Conscious Curation
The 3.1 Sustainable Edit, Conscious Curation3.1 Phillip Lim is committed to the process of building a sustainable future. Our sustainability mission isn’t singular, it’s about the actions taken and the steps to re-balancing our footprint, our impact and our power to generate change.
The 3.1 Sustainable Edit
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Utility Cropped PantHK$4,177.00HK$1,462.00
Hooded Trench CoatHK$10,083.00HK$3,529.00
Knit Cami DressHK$6,328.00HK$2,531.00
Utility Boxy JacketHK$5,020.00HK$2,510.00
Plaid Knit Jacquard Halter TopHK$3,797.00HK$1,329.00
Plaid Knit Jacquard DressHK$6,708.00HK$2,683.00
One Shoulder Ruffled DressHK$8,397.00HK$2,939.00
Plaid Off the Shoulder TopHK$4,851.00HK$1,698.00
Plaid Straight Leg TrouserHK$5,486.00HK$1,920.00
Structured A-Line SkirtHK$4,177.00HK$1,462.00
Sleeveless V-Neck Top HK$4,640.00HK$1,624.00
Off The Shoulder TopHK$4,431.00HK$1,551.00
Tapered Banana TrouserHK$4,177.00HK$1,462.00
V-Neck Wrap DressHK$5,866.00HK$2,053.00
V-Neck Wrap DressHK$5,866.00HK$2,053.00
Sleeveless V-Neck DressHK$5,486.00HK$1,920.00
Tailored BlazerHK$8,396.00HK$4,198.00
Long Sleeve Knit Crewneck TopHK$4,640.00HK$1,624.00
Wide Leg TrouserHK$4,642.00HK$2,321.00