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The Weekend Edit
(41 Items)
Laura Ankle Wrap Wedge Sandal₩891,860₩449,000
Wrap Waist Combo Dress₩1,370,810₩825,000
Taffeta Boxing Short₩648,250₩327,000
Biker Skirt₩776,000
Striped Long Sleeve Sweater₩990,950₩400,000
Utility Shell Top₩776,240₩453,000
Laura Ankle Wrap Wedge Sandal₩891,860₩449,000
Sleeveless Pleated Maxi Dress₩1,540,100₩773,000
Puff Sleeve Taffeta Romper₩854,690₩430,000
Striped PJ Pant₩251,000
Jersey Legging₩602,830₩304,000
Baseball Cap₩64,000
Charlie Canvas Low-Top Sneaker₩404,640₩244,000
Ruched Slipper₩891,860₩449,000
Alix Mini Hunter₩1,069,000
Crepe Shirt With Neck Tie₩776,240₩391,000