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Glitter Pashli Nano Satchel₩1,069,400₩537,000
Balloon Cuff Crewneck Sweater₩734,950₩297,000
Knit Twill Zip Front Top₩734,950₩297,000
파실리 스몰 토트 백₩1,251,070₩628,000
Mini Simple Shopper₩710,180₩287,000
타이 티어드 드레스₩900,704₩363,000
우븐 미디 드레스₩1,292,360₩520,000
Mini Simple Shopper₩809,280₩327,000
Long Puffer Vest₩1,023,980₩362,000
Pleated Tie Waist Skirt₩776,240₩275,000
Bustier Gown₩1,540,100₩773,000
Balloon Cuff Crewneck Sweater₩734,950₩297,000
랩 디테일 플레어 드레스₩1,197,400₩422,000
Glitter Pashli Nano Satchel₩1,069,400₩378,000
Mini Odita Slim Pouch₩710,180₩287,000
플리세 셔링 탱크 탑₩681,280₩242,000
퍼프 소매 미디 드레스₩1,023,980₩515,000
V-Neck Wrap Dress₩1,197,400₩422,000
스트레이트 크롭 팬츠₩817,530₩289,000
Wrap Effect Collared Top₩561,540₩228,000
Tailored Blazer₩1,713,520₩688,000
Wrap Effect Crewneck Sweater₩949,660₩336,000
랩 플리츠 니트 스커트₩776,240₩275,000
Tie Waist Wide Leg Pant₩776,240₩275,000
Single Breasted Wool Coat₩1,981,900₩697,000
Mini Simple Shopper₩710,180₩252,000
Alix Mini Hunter₩1,069,400₩537,000
Alix Nano Soft Chain Bag₩891,860₩315,000