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Sleeveless Lace Insert Dress₩1,371,000₩343,000
Fit & Flare Crepe Dress₩1,540,000₩385,000
Fringe-Hem Tankdress₩1,248,000₩312,000
T-Shirt Dress With Flare Skirt₩1,024,000₩256,000
Single Shoulder Mini Dress₩1,197,000₩299,000
Fit & Flare Crepe Dress₩1,540,000₩385,000
Pleated Dress With Rib Knit Top₩1,714,000₩428,000
striped shirt jacket₩969,000₩242,000
Printed Sleeveless Dress₩1,119,000₩280,000
Pleated Asymetrical Dress₩1,946,000₩486,000
Striped A-Line Mini Dress₩767,000₩192,000
Muscle Tee Combo Sateen Dress₩767,000₩192,000
T-Shirt Corset Dress₩767,000₩192,000
롱 셔츠 재킷₩662,000₩166,000
striped tented maxi dress₩830,000₩207,000
striped long shirt-jacket₩969,000₩242,000
행커치프 헴 드레스₩767,000₩192,000
플리츠 V-넥 드레스₩1,046,000₩262,000
Gingham Fitted Polo Midi Dress₩1,248,000₩312,000
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