Women's Shoulder

Women's P20 Alix Soft Chain Bag in Pomegranate
Shoulder BagsFor the global citizen on-the-go.
(19 Items)
Billie Medium Cage Tote5.570,00 kr.3.342,00 kr.
Billie Medium Cage Tote5.570,00 kr.2.228,00 kr.
Billie Large Cage Tote7.170,00 kr.2.868,00 kr.
Alix Soft Chain Embossed Croc Bag6.370,00 kr.3.822,00 kr.
Alix Soft Chain Cutout Bag6.370,00 kr.3.822,00 kr.
Alix Mini Shoulder Bag5.570,00 kr.2.228,00 kr.
Alix Chain Clutch3.970,00 kr.
Alix Chain Clutch5.570,00 kr.2.228,00 kr.
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